Calvary Chapel of Cypress started as Calvary Chapel of Buena Park when it was officially established in 1978. For a short time in 1977, it was an unofficial church that met as more of a home fellowship.  Not long after those days, the church became known as Calvary Chapel of Cypress when it moved to that neighboring city at the beginning of 1979. We are still in that same building all these years later.

Calvary Chapel, beginning with the leadership of its founder Pastor Chuck Smith, has a rich history of teaching the bible book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. In those early years of the mid 60’s, that approach was not the common way for churches to operate and Calvary Chapel remains an uncommon model to this day.  

If anything, simple bible exposition is becoming more and more rare in modern church culture. To be fair, before our times of method and program focused church models, Calvary Chapel embodied a model driven kind of church because of its audience, teaching approach and doctrinal views.  In those days, Calvary Chapel was opening new doors in the church and blazing a new trail with its approach to ministry, music and bible teaching.  However, the primary reason for our fellowship of churches was a through the bible approach to let people know God’s Word could be known in its entirety to every man and woman.
It is from this movement that Calvary Chapel of Cypress was born. Our first pastor was Steve Mays who served as the senior pastor until the summer of 1979.  His assistant pastor, Jack Stevens, continued as the senior pastor and served alongside his wife Mary until he went to be with The Lord in June of 2010.  Since then, Chris Quintana has been the senior pastor, continuing the model he was taught. Chris and his wife Beth have been at Cypress since the spring of 1986.

      On any given week, we meet to study through the Old Testament on Sunday Nights and the New Testament on Wednesday Nights, as well as chapter and verse sermons from books of the bible on Sunday Mornings.  This is how we have done things since day one.  Our roughly 40-year history as an individual church within the association of Calvary Chapels has a value which is difficult to accurately express. We believe that our history and way of conducting ministry is honorable and has been blessed through the decades. Countless people have benefited from the teaching style and consistency of the approach Calvary Chapel, as a movement, has had since its inception.

     Since Pastor Chuck went to be with The Lord in October of 2013, many changes have taken place within the Calvary Chapel movement, structurally speaking.  New people bring new ideas, traditional ways are considered and some desire new directions. This is the way of things, historically speaking and it seems mankind applies this to all parts of existence.
      Speaking only for our individual church, our pastor and board of elders believed it was prudent to preserve our original ways and approach, to the function of our church. The name Calvary Chapel means different things to different people depending on the particular church that people attend. It is for this reason that the leadership has decided upon a change of name for the church. We take our new name from Jeremiah 6:16 and will be known as Calvary Old Path. We believe new is not always better. As Pastor Chuck liked to say: if it’s true, it’s not new and if it’s new, it’s not true. Pastor Chuck would say that of doctrinal matters, but almost invariably it applies to man’s new ideas about church. We believe, in the case of Pastor Chuck, God showed him something new and it was a wonderful direction and path to follow, thus Calvary Old Path.  Times change and culture changes with it, but God’s Word and man’s need for truth are transcendent.

      With this change of name, it will be obvious to all that inside the building and over the pulpit, nothing will change.  Aside from the formal name change and signs on the building, we will remain the same. We simply want the church name to reflect what is happening inside the building and in doing so, we endeavor to continue on the path we have always followed.